The design of office spaces is something that is typically considered as a basic design service, but we at Atkinson Engineering Inc. take it to the next level by making it our mission to create spaces that generate a collaborative work environment.  We create flexible areas with open-office workstations, conference rooms, collaborative work areas and meeting rooms.  If the budget and function allows, we prefer using movable walls to allow for the space flexibility and space adaptation. In combination with raised floors containing electrical/data services, this provides unlimited options to meet the demands of future changes.  We like to maintain perimeter spaces open to allow for daylight to penetrate interior spaces where glazed doors and elevated screens are used to bring this daylight to the spaces used less frequently.  Some simple features like electric fireplaces, wall panelling and common seating areas are used to create a more comfortable environment and to encourage interaction between employees.  Our projects often involve interior renovations and we strive to design attractive entrances that create a welcoming atmosphere and promote community through the use of transparency.